Transitowne Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Answers Service and Parts Questions for Buffalo-area Drivers


When it comes to the maintenance and repair of your vehicle, there are a great deal of items that might be confusing, muddled by myth, or just overlooked. Transitowne CDJR in West Seneca is here to help provide some clarity by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about service and parts.


Why Are Oil Changes So Important?


After all, your engine already has oil in it, so why would it need to be replaced? While the first part of that sentence is true, over time heat, friction, and dirt combine to break down your oil and render it useless for lubricating your engine. All the metal parts that go into your engine develop a great deal of heat, and fresh engine oil lubricates those parts to keep you moving. If you've ever heard of a 'seized' engine, it was likely due to extremely dirty oil or a lack of oil altogether. Your oil filter can only do so much when it comes to filtering dirt out of your engine oil, and when this dirt combines with oil it becomes a thick sludge that can't pass through the narrow passageways inside your engine. This starves certain areas of oil altogether, leading to excessive wear and extreme heat.


I Don't Drive Hard, Why Should I Rotate My Tires?


The bottom line is that while being an easygoing driver will help extend the life of your tires as a whole, the way your vehicle is designed will naturally cause different levels of wear between the front and rear wheels. This is especially pronounced with front wheel drive cars, as the front tires are tasked both with steering and accelerating. Even if you drive slowly and accelerate gently, the extra work done by the front tires will naturally wear them faster than the rears. Having your tires rotated halfway through their life cycle will allow you to get full use out of the full set, extending the amount of time you have to go between complete tire changes.


If My Brakes are Squealing, Don't I Still Have Some Brake Pad Left?


While most brake pads have a pin that will scrape on the brake rotor to indicate you are nearing a change, very often you will not hear this sound loudly until you have almost no pad left. At this point you risk damaging your rotor and necessitating a more expensive repair, so it is best to have your brakes inspected on alternating oil changes to stay ahead of any brake problems.


Genuine Parts are No Better than Parts Store Parts


While they may be serviceable for a time, parts store parts cannot guarantee the proper fitment, performance, and wear of genuine parts from our service center. The genuine parts we carry at our dealership serving Cheektowaga and Williamsville are factory-backed for both quality and performance, so you can rest assured that they will perform up to factory standards. And if they should fail prematurely, the factory-backing means you'll be covered.


My Steering Wheel Vibration is Normal, Right?


While different road surfaces yield different feels both through the seat and the steering wheel, a persistent vibration is definitely not a normal condition. Either a wheel is out of balance, a brake caliper is sticking, a wheel bearing or hub has gone bad, or you're out of alignment. Any vibration you feel through your vehicle should be taken seriously, as all of these issues can quickly get worse and become dangerous if left unchecked. Visit a service center as soon as possible and have your vehicle inspected and repaired so you can drive smoothly and without worry.


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